Corona Warn App and Probatix team up in fight against Covid-19

We are pleased to announce that we are working together in the fight against Corona with the Corona Warn App. This is another step towards tracing infection chains quickly and effectively. At the same time, the integration of negative findings into the Corona Warning app supports opening steps and ensures assured verification of test results in restaurants or other public places.

Taking Corona test management to a new level as a joint partner

The federal government launched the Corona Warn app last year to combat and stop the spread of Covid-19. The app’s stated goal is to help users find out if they have had points of contact with Covid-infected individuals and whether that puts them at risk for infection. 

From now on, users can send their Covid test results directly to the Corona Warn app and save the results in the app if they have had the test management at one of the more than 1,000 Corona test center locations in Germany supported by Probatix.

This is how the transfer of test results works in practice

After users have performed a PCR or rapid test at one of the Corona test centers supported by Probatix, they receive their test result in an encrypted email. At the bottom of this email is a link that allows the results to be transferred directly to the Corona Warn app. If the test results are negative, they will then be displayed in the app for 48 hours and serve as official proof. If the test result is positive, the integration in the Corona Warn app provides the option to inform all contacts of a possible risk encounter. All individuals who have been in contact with the positive-tested person and use the Corona Warn app will immediately receive an alert about the encounter, with either an elevated or low risk and advice to perform a PCR or rapid test for safety.


Proactively, we want to address the spread of coronavirus, in a safe way. Testing is essential for this. With our corona test management software Probatix, the testing process is digital and automated.