Now: Integration with Luca App possible!

After our announcement of the possibility to integrate test results into the Corona Warn app, we are happy to announce that we can now also import all negative Corona test results from Probatix into the Luca App.

Test results are easily stored in Luca App

From now on, users who have been tested in the more than 1,000 Corona test center locations supported by Probatix in Germany can import their negative test results into the Luca app. This means that users can save their negative results in the app to show their result when visiting restaurants or other places where it is required by law. 

Detection of negative tests - Here's how it works

After performing a PCR or rapid test at one of Probatix’s supported Corona testing centers, users either receive their test result in an encrypted email or scan the result directly using the Luca app. When the results are sent by email, there is a link that can be used to transfer the results directly into the Luca App. If the test result is available via a printout or on a desktop, the QR code can be scanned with the Luca App, thus saving the data in the app. In this way, the test results can be transferred securely and easily. Each QR code and link can only be used once and prevents misuse of test certificates. The negative PCR test results are displayed in the Luca App for 48 hours and the rapid tests for 24 hours. The negative test results thus serve as proof for the users, if required by law.


We want to proactively combat the spread of coronavirus – and do so in a safe way. Testing is essential for this. With our corona test management software Probatix, the testing process is digital and automated.