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PCR pool testing for schools and daycare centers

Back to normality with Probatix: PCR pool testing for schools and daycare centers

Schools and kindergartens have reopened in all German states – on the condition that the facilities work with viable concepts to detect infections as quickly as possible and isolate affected individuals. With the delta variant of the coronavirus, the question of a sustainable testing concept remains relevant. Probatix provides the answer: in the form of a solution for PCR pool testing that makes it as easy as possible for daycare centers and schools to test all children and thus return to normality.

Safe travel thanks to the digital EU certificate

Summer is here, and with the start of the travel season comes the challenge of keeping vacations safe. But with the Covid digital certificate, activities such as traveling, going to the gym, or going to the movies are no longer a problem, even without full vaccination coverage. Learn how the Covid digital certificate works and how Corona test centers can issue this certificate using the Probatix software solution.