PCR pool testing for schools and daycare centers

Back to normality with Probatix: PCR pool testing for schools and daycare centers

Schools and kindergartens have reopened in all German states – on the condition that the facilities work with viable concepts to detect infections as quickly as possible and isolate affected individuals. With the delta variant of the coronavirus, the question of a sustainable testing concept remains relevant. Probatix provides the answer: in the form of a solution for PCR Pool testing that makes it as easy as possible for daycare centers and schools to test all children and thus return to normality.

PCR pool testing: the most important facts in brief

  • PCR pool tests enable comprehensive testing in all kindergartens and elementary schools in Germany.
  • Probatix is a final solution for schools and kindergartensto ensure regular operation in the facility through two weekly tests.
  • Probatix relies on the lollipop test, in which children suck on a swab to collect the sample.
  • The lollipop test is just as effective as a classic throat swab – as shown by a recent study with 700,000 participants.
  • The Probatix test solution is already in use in over 1000 test centers and public institutions.

What is PCR pool testing with Lollipop test?

Probatix relies on PCR lollipop pool tests, to effectively protect children at schools and daycare centers. In pool testing, only one PCR test is used for all members of a pool. The idea: if the test is negative, the assignment of results to individuals is irrelevant.

A PCR test is more effective than a rapid antigen test, because the PCR test already fails at low viral loads. This allows infections to be detected before they become contagious.

To take the sample for a PCR test, there are several options. In adults, a throat swab is the usual route. For children, however, that form of sample collection is highly stressful. A child friendly alternative is the so-called PCR Lollipop test. In the Lollipop-Test children independently suck on a swab for 30 seconds – just like on a lollipop. This is less uncomfortable.

How PCR pool testing with Probatix works

Probatix brings PCR pool testing as a service to facilities nationwide. Pool testing follows a two-step procedure:

  • In the first test,all samples from a group are pooled and tested for the presence of Sars-CoV-2 infection using a single PCR screening.
  • If the result is negative, the test finishes. No further action is required until the next pool test. Each child receives a 48-hour test certificate.
  • Only in the case of a positive test result, will the affected parents, schools and health authorities be informed immediately about the result.
  • In the case of a positive pool test, all children in the affected pool will be retested using PCR testing.
  • This creates a seamless and efficient communication chain that complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

Sufficient test capacities since the beginning of 2021

After a long period of limited PCR testing capacity, at least 2.2 million PCR tests are currently available each week. The capacities have not been utilized since the beginning of 2021. The RKI concluded in a report that there is sufficient capacity for nationwide testing by lollipop pool PCR. The RKI estimates that a total of less than 1 million PCR tests are required to test kindergartens and elementary schools. Even with decreasing capacities, there is the possibility of combining several pools to save PCR tests.

Lollipop tests equivalent to conventional PCR tests

In early September, the results of a study comparing the effectiveness of lollipop testing with that of regular testing were published. The result of the study published in Lancett EClinicalMedicine: Lollipop tests are equivalent to PCR throat swabs. The results of the study are based on the results of 700,000 primary and special school students who have been tested with the PCR Lolli Pool Test in North Rhine-Westphalia since May 2021. Lollipop PCR pool testing is thus one of the few testing concepts for schools, daycare centers, and public institutions that has been scientifically proven effective.

Probatix in use in over 1000 test centers

Probatix is successfully used by over 1000 test centers throughout Germany. Among the users are private test centers, cities, municipalities, and other public institutions. The Probatix concept has thus proven its worth both in terms of breadth and depth.

Are you a decision-maker at a public institution looking for an effective, resource-efficient, and timely concept for testing all children? Write us a message! Our experts will answer your questions and lay the foundation so that Probatix will soon be a key element in maintaining regular operations at your facility!

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