Free tool for flu vaccination needs assessment in pharmacies

The starting signal for flu vaccinations in pharmacies was already given in the Bundestag at the beginning of June. The task now for pharmacists is to find out how much vaccine is needed. Free software supports pharmacies in the analysis.

Influenza vaccinations in pharmacies represent a low-threshold offer aimed at increasing the vaccination rate in the population. But for many pharmacies, the question is how many vaccine doses they actually need. This is because pharmacy supplies also have a pre-order deadline that is several months before the actual vaccination season. The new free Probatix vaccination tool now helps pharmacies determine flu vaccine needs. It indicates how many clients are interested in vaccination and organizes the subsequent appointment management of vaccinations.

Probatix offers free software to pharmacies

The software is now available to pharmacies free of charge. Probatix founder Philipp Noack explains: “Pharmacies play an important role in local healthcare. With the flu vaccination and the upcoming pharmaceutical services, the effort required in everyday life is growing once again. This requires simple and intuitive digital applications that make everyday life in pharmacies easier. We have therefore developed Probatix Waiting List and Vaccination Planning to ensure an easy entry into the topic.”

The tool complements Probatix’s product offering, which many pharmacies have already adopted as software for testing centers. In an input mask, customers can register for the flu vaccination and automatically receive an e-mail as soon as an appointment is available in the fall. Pharmacies can embed this link on their homepage or display a corresponding QR code on pharmacy screens. A personalized customer flyer for self-printing rounds off the free offer.

Digital waiting list and vaccine scheduling

Within a few days, we can provide you with the vaccine scheduling tool.