Safe travel thanks to the digital EU certificate

Summer is here, and with the start of the travel season comes the challenge of keeping vacations safe. But with the Covid digital certificate, activities such as traveling, going to the gym, or going to the movies are no longer a problem, even without full vaccination coverage. Learn how digital Covid certificate works and how Corona test centers can issue this certificate using the Probatix software solution.

How does the certificate work?

For travel within the EU, a solution has been created, the official Digital Covid Certificate (DCC). It is valid in all EU member states and serves as digital proof that the owner has either been fully vaccinated against Covid, tested negative for Covid or recovered from Covid. The Covid digital certificate contains a QR code with a special encrypted signature. All health-related data remain with the Member State that issued the certificate. In Germany, the certificate is issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

How to get the certificate?

Individuals who are not fully vaccinated can transfer their negative test certificate to the Corona Warning app. This is done by retrieving the test result and agreeing to transfer the personalized data to the Corona warning app.

With one click, the data is transferred to the CWA and the EU certificate (DCC) is then created there. The creation of the DCC requires the use of the CWA in turn, without it, unfortunately, is not possible.

This EU certificate contains the data on the Corona test performed, such as the date and type of test, and is readable and valid throughout the EU.

Thanks to the joint collaboration with the Probatix team and Corona testing agencies, the testing agencies working with us will from now on be able to issue Covid digital certificates so that customers can enjoy their vacations in a safe way.

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