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Safe opening of daycare centers and schools

through intelligent Pool Testing

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Normality for daycare centers and schools thanks to our new test concept

The schools and daycare centers will go back to normal operations after the summer vacation. This was decided at the Conference of Ministers of Education on June 11, 2021. For students and teachers, this means a big step back towards normality. In contrast, there is an expanding delta variant, which threatens to shake previous, positive developments again. There is also a lack of vaccination options for children under the age of 12 and effective test methods to prevent spreading in schools and day-care centers at an early stage and to break possible chains of infection with the new Lolli-PCR test concept.

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It is not without reason that PCR tests are still the most reliable method for recognizing a COVID19 infection: The laboratory evaluation not only allows a clear, but also early statement to be made about a possible infection, which can thus be identified as such even before the onset of symptoms. Using “Lolli-PCR tests” with a pool evaluation, children and young people in class and group can be tested inexpensively, quickly, easily and painlessly.

We offer schools and day-care centers a fully digitized solution with a laboratory connection for a safe start in everyday school life after the summer break.

This is how the Lolli-PCR test works

In the so-called "lollipop test", each child is given a cotton swab and sucks on it for 30 seconds. The cotton swabs are then collected and stored in a collection container. These samples are now picked up by one of our logistics service providers and delivered to our laboratory for further analysis. The following day, parents, schoolchildren and / or teachers can choose to receive the result completely digitally by e-mail.

If the test result is negative, i.e. no Covid-19 infection can be detected in the pool test, All participants also receive a 48-hour EU COVID certificate as proof of their negative test result, which can also be entered in the CovPass app, for example.
If the test result is positive, i.e. a Covid-19 infection is detected in the pool test , all participants in the group are tested again individually. In this way it can be determined exactly how many people are affected by the infection. Such a procedure enables the urgently needed fast and efficient testing of larger groups for Covid-19.

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How often is the lollipop pool test carried out?

2 times a week. You can choose between a test on Monday & Wednesday or a test on Tuesday & Thursday.

What if a pool is positive?

A pool that tested positive is declared as a so-called "suspected case", since the coronavirus could be detected in at least one person in the affected pool. The participants in this pool - but not their legal guardians - are therefore under quarantine. In order to find out which and how many people are affected, all pool participants carry out another PCR test individually. To do this, you can either visit your respective pediatrician or one of the corona practices.

Which test is carried out?

The test performed is a PCR test.

Why is lolli-pop pool testing used?

The evaluation of several, individual PCR tests is much more complex and expensive than the rapid antigen test, for example. Since this only has to be done in the case of a positive lolli-pop pool test, the joint - so "pooled" - examination of the samples is the safest and at the same time most efficient way.

Why is the test called "Lolli-pop Test"?

Since the test subjects are children and schoolchildren and the swab of the PCR test is sucked briefly during the procedure, the name “lolli-pop test”, an age-appropriate and content-related name, was chosen. The swabs meet medical standards, are sterile packed and do not release any harmful substances.

How is a Pool composed?

A “pool” consists of up to 30 children or students.

How does the lolli-pop pool test work?

Each child receives a cotton swab and sucks on it for about 30 seconds. The cotton swabs are collected and stored in a collection container. The samples are then picked up by our logistics service provider and delivered to our laboratory for analysis. Already on the following day, parents, schoolchildren and / or teachers can choose to receive the result completely digitally by e-mail.

How can my school/daycare center participate?

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