These test centers and pharmacies use Probatix to safely and securely manage their processes before, during and after the testing process.

Corona test centers

That trust in Probatix

Our partner cities

The city of Friedrichshafen offers the opportunity to take a free corona rapid test in two test centers.

A new rapid test center has started operations in Bremerhaven. Up to 10,000 people are to be tested there every week.

Free rapid antigen tests are possible in the communal coronavirus test center in the KUZ (Kulturzentrum Mainz).

The municipality of Höchenschwand is dealing with the corona pandemic in many areas. A test center operated by the community in the guest house has now been added. There, residents can take a Sars-CoV-2 rapid antigen test.

"Safety and reliability are essential for us. That is why we have been continuously optimizing our processes since day one. Thanks to the use of the new software solution, we have now made another real quantum leap and can now offer an even better and faster service for all parties involved."

Jonas Mähnert – Operational Manager of the Corona Center Kulturbrauerei

What pharmacies tell about Probatix

Peter Ditzel, publisher of the media group Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, interviewed our customer, Kaufpark Apotheke in his podcast.

The two owners Dr. Ina Lucas and Maria Zoschke talked to him about the use of software for the management of corona tests in pharmacies, with our Probatix solution being a central component.

Experienced pharmaceutical specialists work in the corona test station of the Kaufpark pharmacy to enable you to carry out a safe and fast corona test. Our partner only tests using approved tests. For example with NADAL*COVID-19 IgG / IgM rapid test from nal con minden GmbH. This test has a sensitivity of 94.1% and a specificity of 99.2% making it one of the safest tests on the market.