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With Probatix you can easily check your blood values at your nearest pharmacy. Professional, reliable and digital.

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In order to achieve our vision of low-threshold diagnostics for all people, we rely on strong partnerships in the German healthcare system.

Probatix is developed according to the highest data security and quality standards. The software is certified by TÜV Süd in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

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Peter testimonial

Peter B.


Finally, a simple blood test is no longer a project, but a simple process.

Anna testimonial

Anna L.


Thanks to Probatix, I can quickly detect changes in my blood values and can contact my doctor immediately.

Klara testimonial

Clara F.


Thanks to Probatix, I can now check my HbA1c value regularly and easily at the pharmacy.


Are Probatix blood tests safe and reliable?

Our tests are carried out under professional conditions. From blood collection and transport to analysis in a specialized laboratory. This gives you medically reliable blood values.

No, the blood sample is taken by a professional Probatix partner (e.g. a pharmacy near you). You do not have to order a test to your home, take a blood sample yourself or send the sample to the laboratory yourself.

No, we only offer tests that are carried out in a professional environment under reproducible conditions.

Unfortunately, our tests are not yet covered by health insurance companies. We are working on changing that soon.

You will receive your results directly in your Probatix Health Portal. There you will also see simple explanations and timelines so that you can quickly recognize trends and changes and act accordingly.

The tests at Probatix are carried out entirely in a controlled environment: from blood collection and transportation to the laboratory to evaluation and transmission. This gives you safe and reliable results.

The data at Probatix is protected according to the highest security standards. Probatix’s information security management system is also certified to ISO 27001 by TÜV Süd.

If the test results are abnormal, we generally recommend that you consult a doctor for further clarification. This will soon also be possible directly via the Probatix platform.

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