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Blood sampling

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Probatix provides sample collection and submission material for a laboratory test to determine certain biomarkers in human capillary blood. The sample is analyzed in specialized and accredited diagnostic laboratories.


Have all materials ready for the test.

Open the e-mail with your test profile.

Check whether the sample ID is correct and click on Verify.



Open the blood collection tube and place it on a flat surface. Make sure that it cannot fall over.


→ The test may only be carried out for adults over the age of 18.

→ If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, the test may only be carried out after consultation with your doctor.

→ If you suffer from a congenital or acquired blood clotting disorder or are taking anticoagulant medication, the test should only be carried out after consulting your doctor.

→ Use the sample collection material and the sterile lancets only once and only for the intended use.

→ Do not take a test if you have a blood-borne disease, such as hepatitis or HIV.

Hold your hand under warm water for at least one minute to stimulate blood circulation. The hand must then be carefully dried. Circle the arm – preferably fully extended – in large movements with momentum 5-10 times to further stimulate blood circulation.

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Disinfect the tip of one finger. Wait approx. 15 seconds until the finger is dry again.

Tip: The middle finger is best suited.

Please note

→ Send the blood sample on the day of collection and only from Monday to Wednesday.

→ Do not make any extraordinary efforts before the blood test. Drink plenty of water beforehand to facilitate blood flow.

→ Unfortunately, blood samples with a volume of less than 0.5 ml cannot be analyzed. These are rejected by the laboratory.

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Hold the lancet horizontally. Turn the blue protective cover of the lancet once around its own axis and carefully pull it off.

Important: Do not use a lancet without or with a loose protective cap. Not reusable.

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The hand must be placed on a firm surface. Place the lancet on the center of the fingertip. Press firmly. The lancet can only be used once!

Important: The first drop of blood must not get into the tube in order to avoid possible contamination. Please wipe off the first drop with the compress.

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Hold your finger at a 45º angle to the wall of the upright blood collection tube so that the blood can flow into it. In the meantime, the finger must continue to be massaged so that sufficient blood is replenished. The process can take a few minutes.

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The hand must now be held horizontally at hip height (while standing at the edge of a table, for example). The finger must be massaged from the palm of the hand to the fingertip until drops of blood form.

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After taking the blood sample, the swab is pressed onto the spot where the blood is leaking. As soon as the bleeding subsides a little, take the plaster and stick it to the appropriate area to treat the wound.

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Sampling is complete when the 0.5 ml mark is reached, otherwise the sample cannot be analyzed. Tap the tube lightly on the table several times to allow the blood to run out.

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Close the tube with the cap by pressing firmly until the cap clicks into place. Gently shake the tube 2 to 3 times.



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Wrap the filled tube with the blood in the absorbent fleece and place the sample in the small transparent bag (safety bag). Close it carefully.

Important: If the absorbent fleece or safety bag is missing, the sample will be rejected by the laboratory.

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Now place the transparent bag with the blood sample in the return envelope. Seal the envelope carefully.

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Click on “Ready for dispatch” in the test profile so that the order can be sent to the laboratory and send the envelope and sample by post immediately.

Important: Please only send the sample from Monday to Wednesday.

You can dispose of the used materials in the household waste.

You can contact us via
or by telephone on 030 568 38352 (Mon-Fri 12-16 hrs).

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